Delusional Daydream

I thought he wrote my thoughts, as though he had travelled through my mind and collected the unexpressed and given a voice to that which I hid from the world.

 I felt he held a mirror up to me, and showed parts of myself I had long forgotten or buried.

 A sentence could reveal me, provoke me, empower me and reflect me.

 He wrote his thoughts, fears, emotion. From grief to joy, from anger to passion, or was he writing my thoughts, fears, emotion?

 Was he revealing himself or was I merely seeing myself in the mirrored reflection of his words?

 My imagination is gripped by a self serving insane desire, a wildly prejudiced delusion of wishful thinking;

that I know him. That I see his soul, that he knows me, the rawest parts of me, the deepest part of my essence and being.

 That there is an unwavering bond, an unearthly spiritual connection and a passionate intimacy of both body and mind and essence ….. all created in my imaginings of perfect possibility.

 That if I set aside all logic, and boundaries, I can, in my insanity, believe for just a moment or two that I am in the midst of something magical, destined, perfect and without constraint.

 And how safe it is here in my private imagined Nirvana. No fear allowed.

 For just a moment or two, a fleeting daydream of ignorant bliss, where it is just us, understanding each other, seeing each other, reveling in a garden of Eden where our minds and hearts are in harmony, knowing nothing other than sheer perfection of love and understanding, of serenity and passion. A soul connection, beyond human understanding.

 You may think I’m crazy, you may think I’m delusional, you are right, but it’s only for a moment or two. My fleeting blissful daydream of an impossibly flawless love not restricted by social expectation, or rational explanation, or fearful defense.

 Let me embrace the impossible…… for just a moment or two .  © Christie Marie Kruger


About Christie Marie Ginja Kruger

Orenda (huron)The power of human will to change the world. Set up as an opposing force to fate or destiny. If powerful forces beyond your control are trying to force a particular outcomes, orenda is a kind of vocalised summoning of personal strength to change this. A giant child, trying to find my purpose, without losing sight of all things beautiful. View all posts by Christie Marie Ginja Kruger

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