Beautiful Minds

I wrote a whole blog I was going to post on how I struggle to find like-minded people, and by that I mean people who are passionately curious about everything. I read a lot, the internet making this all the more easy in obtaining the kind of reading material I look for. Yes I read prescribed university books for fun and am incredibly excited by dissertations and new subjects I haven’t been exposed to yet. My brain searches for information. If I hear or read something that I haven’t been exposed to or that I have limited knowledge on I am compelled to learn more.


My initial blog was about how I have been told that I’m intimidating and annoying in the fact that I am knowledgeable and it is seen as arrogance and people struggle to keep up with me, which I understand. I can turn any normal conversation into what must seem like an interrogation or challenge to some people. I have a tendency to need to understand why and how people think, so at times my passionate curiosity scares people off.


By the end of what I had written I had wandered off into the realms of psychoanalysis and spiritual transcendence and when I read it I realised what people are saying, or more precisely what they meant.


My brain is a nightmare for most people. It jumps from one thing to another faster than the speed of light, I ask a million questions about everything and I truly am quite confusing at times.


I had to ask why. Why am I so intent on trying to figure everything out? I don’t know the answer. I just know that I really enjoy having people around that know more than me. That give me a new outlook or who give me different points of view. Who can connect with me and challenge my insights and push me to grow.


Maybe at some point I will be able to find a place where I can be completely myself and I won’t get blank stares when I speak, I hope to one day be surrounded my minds as curious as mine, and who have more knowledge than I.


For now I have a few with whom I can have serious in depth conversations that can cover everything from science to philosophy, who challenge me to think critically and at the same time expand my mind into realms undiscovered.


I’m realising that where I am now, I am stifled, stunted and perhaps it is time to look to elsewhere for like minds. Or more precisely for greater minds. Beautiful minds.



Nothing so much causes me to tremble in delight

as the mind that forces me to grow in might.  


About Christie Marie Ginja Kruger

Orenda (huron)The power of human will to change the world. Set up as an opposing force to fate or destiny. If powerful forces beyond your control are trying to force a particular outcomes, orenda is a kind of vocalised summoning of personal strength to change this. A giant child, trying to find my purpose, without losing sight of all things beautiful. View all posts by Christie Marie Ginja Kruger

2 responses to “Beautiful Minds

  • utalapwrx

    I may not have the same passionate curiosity as you have, but at some point I do understand what you are saying as there are things that I am truly passionate about and yet I speak so little of them. This is not because I am ashamed but I think it is more likely because I will not be able to contain myself once I start. And if I do start to talk about something I really like I want it to be with someone who can move the conversation further forward, and not to a dead end.

    • Christie Marie Ginja Kruger

      Oh I understand completely. And it’s a shame that we hide our passions, I say just talk, you never know when you might be fortunate to find someone who understands and moves that conversation forward. I know it’s difficult. I spend a lot of time with people giving me blank stares or just nodding and smiling. I’m learning to read the body language. But don’t stop trying, there is nothing more beautiful that when someone replies “what you too, I thought it was just me.”

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