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An ode to you, me, and everyone else

Set them free

those emotions that you bottle up inside distorting your reality

Set them free

those past dreams in your idealistic time machine mind

Set them free

all those thoughts that drown your soul, that steal your hope, that smother your goodness

all those words you say to yourself that break you down from the inside out

all those doubts that consume you and restrain you from your life

set them free

Set yourself free

from the boundaries of society

Set yourself free

from the pain of anger and mistrust

Set yourself free

from the emotions that hold you back, the negativity the engulfs you, the frustration that chains you to a set of expectations that you have been taught you’re supposed to live up to, the path you’re expected to take, the checklist the majority have given you to tick, those little boxes you’re supposed to fit

Set yourself free from the fear

the fear that blinds you,

the fear that causes conflict between heart and head, the fear that dulls your passion, that hides your purpose, that steals your dreams, inspirations, shadows your truth and aspirations, that swallows the sense of self you instinctively have

See yourself

that part of you that you try and hide

See yourself

that part of you that is screaming to be let out

See yourself

that part of you which you think no one understands

and the beauty of you will be seen, perhaps not by everyone but to those who know to look, the people that see your soul in your eyes, read the true essence in your words, feel the magic in your presence, who know you without you saying a word, those who see your actions and the love that you radiate, who sense your deepest being in it’s uniqueness and true magnificence. Embrace those emotions which enhance your empathy and understanding,that reveal you honesty and purity.

Believe me when I say you are not invisible. You are seen. You are understood, you are significant.

Set yourself free.

© Christie Marie Kruger 2013


© Christie Marie Kruger 2009




Can you feel it?



Your life

Your soul

In that breath

See it in your mind’s eye

The “I”,

The “me”

It’s your life

The peace

The chaos

The disorder

The love

The anger

The tears

The laughter


Till that last breath you take

Your life, your soul

Just breathe

© Christie Marie Kruger

Exhausted ranting and confused thinking

I’m finding it difficult to express how I feel recently. I’ve had to put my life into little boxes and choose what is really important. Now I don’t particularly believe that we can fully divide our life into little separate boxes entirely but I think it is important to put that which is trivial and a constant source of negativity aside. I have in my life had to face monsters/demons and I did so with anger and projection onto others, seeing the monsters in them so I didn’t have to fully admit that those monsters were within me. Recently I have had the blessing of a series of moments that forced me to look within, and put forth that which I felt was most important. In an inability to fully express this in my own words I will use Viktor Frankl’s “will-to-meaning”. What is my purpose? What kept me moving forward in those darkest moments when I could have chosen to give up and sink into an oblivion of anger, hate, self pity and defeat? What was so innately strong within me, what was I clinging to that helped me climb out of a pit of darkness? I don’t know, but I know that I have purpose. I know that in all things light and dark I have learned lessons. I believe I already know what creates the inner peace and strength that has brought me forward, stronger. I just don’t have a name for it and I lose sight of it when I allow negativity and others’ anger and forcefulness and hate to swallow part of what I have fought so hard to find. In that I have learned my greatest lesson. I can choose what light and dark I allow into my life, and I do not need to make any excuses for sheltering myself from that which I find creates discord with my inner being. Life in of itself presents many obstacles and hardships, that I cannot change, I can however choose how I deal with them. The same goes for people, I can learn from many, and sometimes the lesson is not what is said or done, but in how I choose to deal with them. I choose to have people in my life who will push me to be a better me. Not a copy of themselves, not a reflection of their anger, disappointments and cynicism, not to be bullied into believing in what they believe, but to challenge me to question and learn by promoting an environment of free thought and free will and the space to grow in my own space.

Kneel and weep


kneel, not in prayer, but in grief,

in humility

in gratitude


kneel and be closer to the earth from whence you’ve come

kneel and weep

weep for all you have lost,

for all you have to let go,

for all your pain


weep the tears of love and hate and anger and regret

kneel and weep in humility

kneel and look up at that which you normally look down to

kneel and weep

kneel and thank the universe for all life has handed you

kneel and weep

kneel and weep and bow down to your demons your hopes

your dreams fulfilled,

your visions shattered

your regrets that consume

your pain that tears

your anger that clouds

your idealism that shrouds

kneel and weep

and weep

let go.

© Christie Marie Kruger


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