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Bumper Cars with Hearts

We’re a tragic comedy of errors and fate;

Too short to ride the roller-coaster, too big for the teacups;

Standing face to face, in a room of trick mirrors;

Yet we reach out and touch hands; then turn our backs to each other;

Still holding gaze in reflection.

The fortune teller says we will be together forever;

we laugh and go our separate ways

and find each other at the same shooting table aiming for the same prize.

We keep going full circle and landing up where we started/ended/started/ended,

the distinction has become blurred,

we’re bumper cars with hearts and tears. © Christie Marie Kruger 2013



Be a metaphor today. “turn the page”

Be a metaphor

I am a book of short stories;

Tragic, comic, dramatic, horrific, thrilling sometimes romantic.

One story follows the next completely unrelated and yet connected by a thread of human commonality.

One story linked to the next by expression of a range of human emotions perhaps clearly understood and at times coloured and blurred by perception. Each story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but turning the page can mean a brand new adventure.

Sometimes the stories are inevitably predictable and at other times capricious and shocking.

Each story brings new characters, new experiences new emotions and new travels of the mind.

I am a book of short stories. Some of my stories are yours, ours, theirs, or everyone’s and sometimes uniquely interpreted by the reader or unambiguously me.. Some stories will enthral you others horrify you, others bring you to tears or laugh until your cheeks and sides hurts.

I am a book of short stories.  © Christie Marie Kruger

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