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Bound and weighted

I am bound and weighted and powerless to stir 

Why in such imminence to the spirit; 

do I appreciate yet abhor so much of what it is that makes me human; 

Why in such closeness to love and peace; 

do I learn to know myself and suffer veracity; 

Why do I hide the truth of my soul in protection of others, 

why do I feel such feelings unsolicited and unreciprocated; 

Why do I know truth when denial crafts such beautiful veils 

Why does my physical being ache so in denying my heart; 

Is it blessed to endure the torment and cruelty of such human failings? 

Solutions are intangible to me as I am; 

But so I live; 

It is not allowed for me 

Such wonder is not my reward. 

The desires and needs of my mind body and soul are not permitted; 

Am I destined to be without as lessons of my frailty failings and imperfections are reminded to me each moment of each breath I inhale. 

And yet I hope


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