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You don’t know

In the midst of chaos and disorder, I find a quiet place;

That place is you.

You don’t know that and you probably never will.

Sometimes on a day where I feel I am swimming aimlessly in an ocean of confusion;

You are a lighthouse.

When I begin to fail in humility and start climbing on to my high horse of self-absorption and self-importance;

You remind me of who I really am and who I strive to be.

You don’t know that and you probably never will.

There are days when  I am filled with remorse and anguish and I spend all my time looking backward at  bygones that can’t be changed, that I don’t understand, filled with “what-if” and “why”, when I distort the memories and fail to realistically see the truth that I somehow want to transform into a lost perfection;

You call me to the present, to the moment and remind me I am not alone.

In times where I feel my frustration rising and the negativity around me and within  me threatens to swallow me whole and spit me out as a angry nasty troll, you fill me with quiet laughter, and hidden smiles and you compel me to catch sight of the magnificence  and beauty that can be found around me;

You don’t know that and you probably never will.




Can you feel it?



Your life

Your soul

In that breath

See it in your mind’s eye

The “I”,

The “me”

It’s your life

The peace

The chaos

The disorder

The love

The anger

The tears

The laughter


Till that last breath you take

Your life, your soul

Just breathe

© Christie Marie Kruger


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