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One Month


Dear Charlie Brown

Well here we are again.

This time is different though, because we only have one month.

One month to love without expectation.

One month to live in the moment, without looking back or forward.

One month to spend together before it’s over, before you spread your wings and fly off into your life.

You will always be my favourite hello and worst goodbye, so I won’t think about that. I will focus on us, on fun times and childlike games, on making memories.

I want to swim in the rain and walk on moonlit beaches.

I want to spend money I shouldn’t, playing arcade games and eat food that goes straight to my hips.

I want to go to sleep listening to your heart beat

A perfect rhythm that rocks me to sleep like a lullaby.

I want to wake up with our legs entwined and our bodies saying a prayer.

No promises, no lies.

Just you and me against the world.  As it always is with us.

One month to listen to your mind race in a hundred different directions, making perfect sense to only me.

One month to listen to your laugh, to have you smile and know it’s for me and about me. One month.

One month to smother each other in a love so deep, we have always been afraid to show it.

One month to love each other without that fear, a free love,

Like soulmates meeting and passing on a journey of a thousand steps, we stand on this step for one month, then continue into our lives, with just the essence of each other creeping into our dreams at night to hold us in the comfort that we once loved without chains and boundaries, without expectations.

One month.

One month of dreams come true and laughter that comes from so deep within me I scarcely recognise it as it cascades out of me.

One month. And I will love you. I will love you.


Lots of Love

The little Red-haired girl






The stupid love letter


Dear “Charlie Brown”

I miss you. The pain hasn’t eased, but I’m learning to lie to myself enough so that I can pretend that we are both just waiting for the right time. I thought that if maybe I poured out my heart on paper, if I could stop lying to myself about who you are to me, it would ease this pain that twists and tears my insides apart, that causes my throat to close as silent tears rain from me to the paper I write on blurring my words.

I want to write poetic prose so profound you read it and think “I can’t leave”. I want to be so honest you know without any doubt that I am the one, but I won’t.

I will just write a letter, restrained and only half emotional where I just say I miss you, that I understand why we had to let each other go, that the reasons don’t make it easier even though I know I’m supposed to love you enough to let go.

I want your arms around me while we dance, I want those moments where we don’t say anything, yet everything is said.

This is just me saying everything you are to me, so you know how everything I want pales in comparison to how I want those moments of happiness back, those moments where we looked at each other and were grateful that someone understood when no one else could or would.

I know you won’t change your mind I know you won’t say you love me and stay, instead of saying you love me so you have to go.

I know that I told you I would wait, and you said no.

Well this isn’t a poem where I pour my heart onto paper in fancy words and rhyming, there are no long hours of thought involved here, where I rearrange how I say something and change it a hundred times till it sounds just right. This isn’t a letter where I beg you to come back. This isn’t me wondering if it will change. I know it won’t. I know what we had is gone.

This is just me saying I miss you.


The little redhead girl

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