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Orenda (huron)The power of human will to change the world. Set up as an opposing force to fate or destiny. If powerful forces beyond your control are trying to force a particular outcomes, orenda is a kind of vocalised summoning of personal strength to change this. A giant child, trying to find my purpose, without losing sight of all things beautiful.


It’s been a long while since I wrote, and it has been quite a journey.  Changing countries and going though hell and back and then going through it again. I realised a couple of days ago that I think I became numb just trying to make it through 2 and a half years of turmoil and uncertainty.

But this is shifting. Something has come alive in me and now I need to make decisions and chances and change that which had put my fire out.

It stirs within me, that which I thought I had lost.

It roars the smallest roar and yet the vibration shakes me to the core.

I am afraid of the feeling deep within me that is pushing to be set free, the trouble it will cause when I open my arms and fly into the unknown universe of me.

The change is inevitable I feel it rising and it shall leave wreckage and rebirth in it’s path. It cannot be restrained, it cannot be stopped. It pulses through my veins and it burns through my shackles.

I am torn in half by the need to keep the balance, the peace, the bland expectations of normality and the fearlessness of the wild fire that is me, shaking and trembling to be released. Life is shifting.





Bumper Cars with Hearts

Logophile /ˈlɒgə(ʊ)fʌɪl/

We’re a tragic comedy of errors and fate;

Too short to ride the roller-coaster, too big for the teacups;

Standing face to face, in a room of trick mirrors;

Yet we reach out and touch hands; then turn our backs to each other;

Still holding gaze in reflection.

The fortune teller says we will be together forever;

we laugh and go our separate ways

and find each other at the same shooting table aiming for the same prize.

We keep going full circle and landing up where we started/ended/started/ended,

the distinction has become blurred,

we’re bumper cars with hearts and tears. © Christie Marie Kruger 2013


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Shadow girl

Shadow girl

She no longer sobbed uncontrollably. She had no energy for passionate tears, instead, at times, her tears would escape the padlocked box where emotions are kept and they would run down her face catching her by surprise.

It was that awkward stage of grief where hope still lingers. A place she knew she may never return from.

A shadow hiding in half light, waiting for the darkness to descend and yet hoping the sun would fail to sleep, just this one time.

Her head and heart in violent battle tearing each other apart like rabid dogs and all she could do was stand still. Helpless but not hopeless, alone.

Surrounded by someone else’s demons coaxing hers to come out and play.

So she stood not sure of up and down and left and right and in and out and everything kept spinning in silence around and she wished there was a soundtrack so she could figure out what was coming next.

At times the darkness began to drown her but a crack of light would filter through just enough to tease her into believing.

But the corner where she could be seen grew smaller, she watched herself being swallowed by the dark. This silent movie of the shadow girl.

Trapped in limbo between the night and the light fighting demons that were not her own.

live beautifully, hideously, stupidly and in the most epic manner

So in the last few months I have lost two very young friends to cancer.

I have had to learn some things in this process of loss. There had to be a reason, or an outcome from this grief. Of course the lessons could be a multitude of things but in the face of all this death I have learned something about myself.

“Terminal Cancer” means the end is inevitable. There is no cure.

Apparently my brain although accepting this truth, seemed to deceive itself into thinking this means later rather than sooner. So in essence I believed the disease was incurable but that didn’t mean they would die now…. It couldn’t happen now. I realised this in trying to figure out how I totally reeled from the news that they had passed. It was a shock. And I thought to myself that it shouldn’t have been a shock, I should have been prepared. Then came the guilt. oh my god, if only I had known how little time we had left (which I did) I would’ve visited/messaged/called more.

Denial. Ahhhhh. I didn’t want to believe my two very young friends would die before me. I convinced myself we had time. Incurable but without imminent death. The fact that I went through the death of one friend only to slip into the denial and go through the death of the second under the same veil of shock and in defiance of the true meaning of terminal, I have to ask why. Was I protecting myself? If someone else should tell me they have a terminal illness, will I face that honestly and admit what it really means or is my need to protect myself by sheer denial stronger than the lesson I have learned? Probably. I didn’t want to expect my friends to die. In all honesty I really didn’t want to watch them die. But they are gone. The one thing I can say is that I didn’t treat my friends like they were dying. I think they appreciated that. I hope.

I am angry because they won’t get to do the things they should’ve still done like travel, write a book, film a movie, perhaps marry, perhaps have kids, build a home. I realise I have these idealistic expectations of what they should have been able to do with their lives. My reaction after AJ died was to come up with a bucket list a mile long.

Then out of the blue reality set in. I may have wished wonderful things for my friends but realistically that life may have included a divorce, kids in rehab, retrenchment, critics, failure to reach goals, car accidents, horrid co-workers, horrible neighbours, debt and deaths of friends and family.

Ok. Stop. So am I glad they don’t have to go through the negative? Not really. I think they should’ve had all the up and downs that life has to bring. That is living. So the one lesson I am taking away from this, that may actually hold, is that I get to still have ups and downs and blessing and disasters, for which I shall be grateful. My bucket list is a great way to start doing things I want to do, but in between I know there will be heartache, and disappointment and despair. I intend living so damn hard. I shall love deeply knowing that I may hurt badly. I will set out on crazy adventures that may result in setbacks, injury, and disappointment. I will climb mountains knowing that I can fall, and if I do fall, so be it. Rosie and AJ won’t get to fall down a mountain.

I shall create a bunch of memories, good, bad, ugly and epic. I wanted my friends to have more life. All of it. With all its blessing and curses. I cannot let them down again. So excuse me while I make crazy decisions, huge mistakes, irresponsible choices. So I won’t have a fancy house, and a fancy car thank you very much…… an you will all have to excuse me while I walk to work greeting beggars and the mentally ill along with the rich and powerful. Excuse me while I choose to backpack some exotic 3rd world island with nothing but a prayer and a camera instead of buying a new wardrobe, excuse me while I love someone so deeply that it seems a tad unhealthy. Excuse me while I choose a calling rather than a professional career.

…… I’m going to live. However that comes.
Rosie, AJ …… I am going to live beautifully, hideously, stupidly and in the most epic manner. Remembering you always.

My friend Rosie

My friend Rosie died.

People keep talking to me about work and their problems and life and I keep looking at them thinking “my friend Rosie died, why aren’t you sad?”

She was amazing. Strong. Beautiful. Funny. Ridiculously intelligent. She had a heart that was too big for one person, it overflowed from her onto others.
She was wise. When I was falling apart, torn at the seams, she gave me words that made me strong and that played over and over in my head. I thought “I hope I am as wise as you one day.”
She was a warrior princess. Tougher than anyone I have ever known. Courageous seems too simple a word for her.
She had eyes that looked into the deepest part of you, and you could try and hide what was really going on inside, but she would reach in, pull the truth out and hug it.
Her laugh was like listening to a playground of children, it filled you with joy and hope and rainbows.

The whole world should be sad. Everyone should be in mourning. Flags should be flying at half mast.

We lost a superwoman. It is a space that will never be filled.

She is my hero forever more.

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the love

Once I fell in love madly. Love at first sight. We were flawed, with open wounds. We went our separate ways, searching for ourselves.

Once I fell in love slowly and steadily in a friendship that blossomed and grew. Two people finding out how to love ourselves and somehow in between our love entwined and created a bond.

I did not fall in love with two different people. I fell in love with one person twice.

I fell in love with crazy singing in the car, shared pizzas, running naked through waterfalls, sliding in mud. I fell in love with a person who wasn’t afraid of his dreams no matter how daunting, a person who challenges my insecurities, forces me to grow by leaping despite fear. I fell in love with the way he holds my hand, and laughs at me and with me. I fell in love with the way he doesn’t laugh at me falling over things that aren’t there, nor does he run to rescue me from my clumsiness, but rather how he just holds out his hand to help me up.

I fell in love with a mind speeding faster than mine, with a multitude of open google tabs, literally and figuratively. I fell in love with the way he says “I understand” and means it. I love the way he hugs me so hard I cannot breathe, the way he pulls me close when I lest expect it. The way he runs his fingers up my spine when he is standing close.

I fell in love with the quiet moments where nothing was said, but the silence didn’t matter. I fell in love with the way he gently brushes my hair from my face as I am falling asleep and the way he  calls me beautiful first thing in the morning and tells me my hair is “full bodied” when it in fact looks like a mini chewbacca is attached to my head.

I love talking about everything and nothing. I love the small things and the moments that are just ours. I love the way he forgives and tries to understand everyone rather than judge them.  

I am in love with my best friend.


Goodbye Angel Friend

Sometimes our lives are touched by someone in such a way that can never be properly expressed. You meet someone whose inner beauty and love just hugs you and never lets go. I lost one of those people today. A boy I met 8 years ago at varsity. He was so talented you could feel creativity pouring from him. But so much more than that was who he was as a person. I went back to university at the age of 27, my classmates being much younger, filled me with the awe and wonder that youth brings. AJ, my cine, my photographer, my sounding board, my friend. Oh the memories. Observatory in its heyday and long AFDA hours filming, running between my house and the Y. We laughed together and cried together. Today I have to say goodbye and I am struggling to accept that someone so beautiful is gone from my life. There are few people I keep in my life, and our long distance conversations and jokes and endless messages meant the world to me. You reached out to me and lifted me up when I was in my darkest hour, now I don’t know if I ever thanked you, or if I offered the same support back. I do know that I have a hole in my heart that I am not sure I can ever fill, and that I am angry that in a world with so many assholes, an angel was taken. You will never be forgotten. I will cherish you always with much love and respect. xoxox



When love teaches

I have felt love. I have felt love without trust. Love without respect. I have been broken, Torn. Mangled in love.


You ask how I trust now, and I say I trust because I choose to, because I have no reason not to and a millions reasons to. I trust because I respect. Because I know. I trust for no one reason but for a million.


You ask how I know that this will not end mangled and torn and bloody. I don’t. I do know that for now, I have been given a gift. Perhaps not a permanent gift, but I have learned the the only thing I am certain of is change. I am no longer afraid of change. I am no longer afraid of trust. I am no longer afraid of pain.


I am enveloped in respect and a belief and this gift shall never be forgotten, no matter the end. The journey thus far in this mutual connection has granted me more wisdom than I have ever gained.


I have learned to understand the will and want and freedom of the spirit of the individual. To respect that and to understand that we are all on our journeys, and paths cross, and we go our separate ways, and perhaps should the universe conspire to do so, paths cross again.


I have learned forgiveness through empathy, and in acknowledging that as much as I get lost on my journey so do others. I have learned we all cower in the shadows with the same fears and that is only for us to overcome. I have learned that to love means to allow the spirit of another to be as it needs to be. That love does not possess but encourages growth, should that means paths diverge then so be it.


Love it is a strange phenomenon, one I am unsure I will never fully understand. I know this a love I had never expected, and I know it is an unpredictable one. I am not afraid of this any more, this inability to control and predict and guarantee. I do know I am grateful to learn and to see such beauty of a person. I understand the courage behind the chance. I understand that in this time of my life, I am learning the most beautiful lesson.


I understand that in order for my heart to be whole and given freely, I am not to expect, I am not to possess, I am not to demand.


This love is my greatest teacher. I will take that exactly as it is. 

I have never been here before

I haven’t been here before
And that frightens me
It is easier to be on unstable land and expect it to fall away from underneath you
It is easier to visit mistrust and have it proven and to balance on uncertainty of respect until you fall and you knew you would.
So I haven’t been here before; where I stand firm on solid ground of respect
Where the walls around me are plastered with honour and trust and not the prisons of insecurity and self-doubt
I have never known such a place where I am strong and supported at the same time
Where I am comforted but motivated to not get comfortable in mediocrity
I am challenged without malice, I am appreciated and not placed on a pedestal I cannot climb down from
I am in a place where I am safe in who I am, in my faults and my gifts
I trust, I honour, I love
I am trusted, honoured and loved
I have visited many places, and this is the first time I am home.

The time between

There are times when I am engulfed by a deep sadness and longing
For the time in between
The time in the middle of the spirals we have travelled to love each other
The time we lost figuring out
What we knew but were afraid of
There are times when I am engulfed by a deep sadness and longing
For the time ahead
The time ahead where I know I will let you go again and again
To let you live
Your life on your terms
I know what I love most about you is what will hurt me in the end


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